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I've been teaching photography most of my adult life, sharing it really, with anyone I met in my travels who spoke the same visual language, because that is what it truly is, a universal language. Much of what I've learned and used in my career as a travel and adventure photographer has been learned from friends, new and old, and that includes some of the marvelously creative people I've met on the nearly 60 photo safaris I've been privileged to teach, from Panama to Alaska, Hawaii to Arizona.KerrickJamesTasmanRainbow website

My philosophy of photography is to make or entice the viewer into feeling something real, strong, new, unexpected, magical, mysterious, or any combination of these. My drive to photograph the wonders and wonderful people of this rare planet comes down to a lifelong search for beauty. Photography, whether film or digital capture, is choosing and saving a slice of time for exploration, study, and savoring later in life. It's the closest to time travel we'll ever get!

What do I offer participants on my photo safaris? I key my teaching to your individual interests, skill level, and goals. I view your images prior to starting the trip, to grasp your visual and technical skill level, and then help you pre-plan shots and practice specific techniques in the field, with demonstrations keyed to the subject, light, location, etc. Digital photography is learning in real time, and lessons learned and repeated over several days of intensive shooting quickly become part of your personal skill set.

Finally, I offer highly personalized image critiques of your choice of photos made during the trip, importing them into Photoshop and giving you new ideas and ways to polish your RAW or Jpeg captures into final form. These are voluntary, but highly prized times, and I always give you insights and avenues to follow...

My promise to you is that you will grow your visual skills, learn to scout better, edit and process more productively, instinctively handle your gear to get great results more consistently, and come away with an enhanced awareness of your potential.

The rest is simply up to you!